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Epic Summer Camp



2020 Sloka Recital


Vedanta Peetam offers a supportive environment to learn slokas. It fosters moral values and good behavior. It's a great experience for me

Rishikesh Devanathan

Great Experience with Vedanta Peetam. Guru is highly dedicated to do the service and expecting every student to become a good citizen and follow our culture and traditions. Highly recommend to anyone who wants their children to be guided by great Guru.

Namagiri Vasudevan

As great people say, If you provide a food it last for a day but if you provide information how to earn the food it last for life. Partha is literally following these words by creating positive, productive learning environments with culture and social impact for kids in early age. Even if you are not realizing in short term, trust me it has its impact on long term. I admire Partha's effort as he is putting dedicated effort even in bay area busy schedule.

Kannakati Bullappa

In today's materialistic and technology world emerging everywhere we also need a spiritual path to calm our minds and improve focus and concentration. Vedanta Vidya Peetam offers a tremendous wealth of knowledge for children which helps to deal with the modern world. Children recite Sanskrit slokas in a group which helps them to improve their focus, concentration, listening and team building skills . Listen about life learning experience stories from the past mythological world, which provides a path how to lead a good and healthy life ahead. Overall, Vedanta Vidya Peetam is a very good knowledge center for children which helps to blend with the traditional Indian culture and the modern world.

Ram Mane

The sloka class is very good. Guruji is an awesome teacher. They won’t push kids to learn sloka like academics. I like the way they teach sloka a to kids. I am glad that my kids are in their sloka school.

Madhavi Gandhara

I’m happy and impressed with teaching methodology at Vedanta Vidya Peetam. My son’s (5 yr old) pronunciation has improved a lot. In a span of 7 months he could recite almost 16 slokas. Ramaa encourages and takes good care of kids.

Divya Vemula

My daughter joined the class an year back and she learnt many slokas .On Saturday's they have story class which is also very good.

Vijayalakshmi Raghavan

Vedanta Vidya Peetam is excellent in learning Sloka class. My son loves this Sloka class, learning Sloka with story of lords and learning new skills.. Thank you 😊

Smitha Agarwal

Our son is enjoying music n sloka classes from one year , this journey continues...

Padma Addanki

Online FREE Gnaan sessions for adults

Learning never stops. Adults knowledge sessions every week online help keep up with ancient knowledge.

Dhyana Yoga / Meditation

Every human exists in three distinct worlds. The 'Physical', the 'Mental' and the 'Spiritual'. While eating, sleeping, reproducing and enjoying comforts is performed at the physical level, dreaming, planning, fearing, hating, creating happens in the mental world. But it is the Spritual world that holds the Master Key to life's happiness. Though it is quite accessible and within every human being, most people, unfortunately ignore the 'child-like', yet magnificently shining light, right within.

Here, at Vedanta Peetam a systematic step-by-step approach is defined and practiced as a group to enable individuals to gradually self-unveil the power within at their own pace. This is accomplished through Dhyan Yoga.

The first step in spiritual awareness is, of course, physical awareness. Several activities are defined that can be practiced while at home alone. Mental awareness follows next where an individual becomes aware of the subconscious mental processes that influence a person. Several activities including 'Pranayama' techniques will enable the individual to conquer mental awareness. Spritual awareness is accomplished through continous awareness activities that includes physical and mental where the individual is not only aware of the physical and mental tendencies but also be able to eliminate the negative gravitational pulls from body and mind.


About Us

Vedanta Peetam was established in 2007 by Sri Parthaji to teach Sanskrit slokas to children in the Sunnyvale neighborhood in California, US. Since then it has grown into an institution teaching not just slokas but imparting ancient wisdom through stories and discourses. Tens of hundreds of students have benefited in the last few years through passionate and dedicated classes conducted on a weekly basis at the Vedanta Peetam residence in Sunnyvale. Since the introduction of online classes in April 2020, students from across the US are taking advantage of the weekly classes through Vedanta Peetam’s distance learning system.

At Vedanta Peetam, we believe ancient moral stories can positively influence a child’s mental and spiritual development. Stories filled with fun and wisdom are an integral part of every class. Our experience tells us that children look forward more enthusiastically to sloka classes to listen in to a couple stories every week.

To quench the spiritual thirst of adults, Vedanta Peetam introduced knowledge sessions(Gnaana sessions) from April 2020 over zoom. Ancient wisdom provided by hindu epics and scriptures is taught using an easy and simple-to-understand language and vocabulary so that everyone can appreciate and apply the principles contained therein.

Vedanta Peetam also organizes Yoga Meditation classes called Dhyana Yoga through distance learning. Dhyana yoga follows Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga that includes an 8-fold approach to Yoga. Participants are given step-by-step instructions with periodic review and feedback sessions.

The Team

Parthasarathy Venkatavaradhan (Founder and Teacher)

Parthasarathy has been training students in slokas since 2007 and has extensive experience in recitation, trodding the footsteps of his father and guru Sri Venkatavaradhan and his second guru Sri Sunder Kidambi of www.prapatti.com. He has a vision to teach as many children as possible and educate them about the ancient values with complete blessings from His Holiness,Shri Ranganatha Yathisekarar,the 46th Jeer of Ahobila Mutt.

Ramaa Parthasarathy (President)

Sharing similar visions with the founder, the president, Mrs. Ramaa is a relentless social worker who acknowledges ancient values and strives to see a better world of peace and glory through the eyes of Vedanta Vidya Peetam.

Bhuvana Iyer (Music Teacher)

Bhuvana Iyer is a dedicated teacher with over 20 years of training in Indian classical vocal music under renowned gurus in India such as Padma Bhushan Sangeeta Kala Acharya Sri.P. S. Narayanaswamy, Sangeeta Kala Acharya Smt. Seethalakshmi Venkatesan and Vidushi Smt. Suguna Purushothaman. Bhuvana has also received training and guidance in Hindustani classical and semi-classical styles in Mumbai and has won several awards in inter-school and inter-collegiate competitions.

Dr.R.Thirunarayanan (Advisor)

With over 40 years of experience in teaching sanskrit, Dr.R.Thirunarayanan , a recipient of the Shaastra Cuudaamani Award from the Govt. Of India has been the advisor and a well wisher of Vedanta Vidya Peetam. He is well known for his lectures in English, Tamil and Sanskrit in many Universities in India and US on profound topics like thiruppaavai, swami deshika stotras, etc. He also conducts sanskrit classes through webinars, Skype, Voneage phone and Google Hangounts.

Swamy Krishnamacharya (Advisor)

Swamy Krishnamacharya has over 42 years of serving Sriman Narayana. He has been with Malibu Temple, LA for the last 30+ years. Before this, Swamy had been serving in Thirumala Thirupathy Devasthanam as a Priest. Swamy also served at Balaji Temple in Australia. Swamy Krishnamacharya has extensive experience in Vedas, Agamas, Sutras and Grantha. Swamy Krishnamacharya has been providing invaluable advise to Vedanta Vidya Peetam in its operations for the last one year.

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